Published Works
By Dr.Jeanette Wasserstein


Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Diagnostic Issues for Adolescents and Adults with ADHD


Book Cover Titled Adult Learning Disorders: Contemporary Issues Edited by Jeanette Wasserstein

Adult Learning Disorders:
Contemporary Issues

Recent advances in neuroimaging and genetics have enhanced our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders in adults. The authors in this volume not only discuss such advances as they apply to adults with learning disorders, but also address their translation into clinical practice.

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Book Cover Titled Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder:
Brain Mechanisms and Life Outcomes

This volume includes current and historical thinking by world renowned researchers and clinicians about adult attention deficit disorder, a relatively recent and still controversial diagnosis. Historical overviews are presented by authors synonymous with the earliest descriptions of the syndrome.

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